Need to Store Items Just for a Short Time?

Need to Store Items Just for a Short Time?

Explore short-term storage solutions in Bismarck, North Dakota

Do you need to buy some time until you figure out your next move? 1804 Storage, LLC offers short-term storage in Bismarck, North Dakota. Call us today if you need to store items for a limited period of time due to:

Cramped space | Lease conflicts | Family conflicts | Scheduling problems

When you need to store your stuff for a short time period, call 1804 Storage. Our monitored facility is your secure and convenient solution.

Learn more about our short-term storage units

Our short-term storage solutions are offered on a month-to-month basis. 1804 Storage offers short-term storage for all size units except the 10 x 40, which requires a one-year lease. Customers will need to supply their own locks, but users can access their storage unit 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Units are monitored around the clock by camera and by personnel several times daily. Call 1804 Storage today to arrange short-term storage in Bismarck, ND.